Thursday, October 25, 2012


Just letting you know that AVRCRC don' gon' be BLOWIN' UP in November!

Just got the tracks for An Evening With Rob and Rosa at the Super Piano Bounceyball! This is one long piece for modified organ! Imagine a character from a Hayao Miyazaki film: A lumbering, wooden, sentient, robot made from Wurlitzer organ parts. Creaking slowly, dropping gumball machine rubber balls, wheezing and galumping towards you. This will be on a C30 and no doubt look and sound fantastic! Here's an excerpt:

AND! Working on the ALKOR/NEBRASKA USA artwork right now, too! Just got word from dudes that they'll be having a release show for this tape, so if you're in Baltimore--you've been warned!

And if that we're enough, our own NEW WAVE DYKE will finally be finishing the much anticipated "SENSITIVE MALE ALBUM"! An all covers affair featuring a few FM lite rock favorites faithfully redone on Casio, Drums, Guitar and Bass! Sung with a boyish earnestness that only NWD could muster. No irony allowed! Perfect for your next make-out party! WATCH THIS SPACE!

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