Wednesday, December 14, 2011

AVRCRC0014-FACTORIES "Tumbrel Action" C30

FACTORIES first album "Tumbrel Action" is back! A little poppier, New Waveier, even slightly a little Motorheadier than "It's A Mummy!" Features handclaps by my dad. Handsomely repackaged and smartly remastered by AVRCRC head honcho (and former Factories drummer) I. Piirtola!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

AVRCRC 0020 CEDRO DANADO-Muted Tables C72

M. Goethe-one of many splinter cells linked to the NEW WEIRD SOUTH-is sighted in this ambitious and delicious collection of Gothic Southern Noise. A former PONY BONES and BLACK BLACKS cohort, CEDRO DANADO takes it solo with violin scrape, mild harp abuse, vocal drone, amp fog and sadsack clunk. Guaranteed to take you down a peg or two.

Listen to Winged Translate

This tape is $5 PPD


AVRCRC0019-FACTORIES-"It's A Mummy!"

AVRCRC0019-FACTORIES "It's A Mummy!" C30-Second release from this guitar/drums nerd duo. More distorto-heft and thud-grunt to this batch of D&D fueled bangers. Going through the dictionary word for word with amps pointed directly at your crotch, New Wave in the way Kurt thought "In Utero" was New Wave. Kind of like if "Akuma No Uta" era Boris trying to cover Gary Numan, fronted by Jonathan Richman? $5 PPD to ashtonvelvet 76 at hotmail dot com Listen!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

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Monday, September 12, 2011


The intelligent man has become the complete and normal type. What we need, what offers some interest, what is rare because it has the anomalies of a precious being and the freshness and freedom of great antimen, is the Idiot. AVRCRC is working with all its forces towards the establishment of the idiot everywhere.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Next on AVRCRC: 0022 "To Live And Die In LA" by New Wave Dyke

NWD is setting up camp in the GARGANTUA ONE (aka the attic) to do his own OST for one of his favorite WILLIAM FRIEDKIN movies TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA!!! Expect more crotchular metalnithity than the original soft dick city soundtrack by WANG CHUNG. Hot packaging in the works as well...

Friday, June 10, 2011


AVRCRC dickweed Ian D. Piirtola will be electronically video captured and interrogated by a member of THE ONION'S A/V Club for a feature called TAPES'N'TAPES Video evidence coming soon!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Voted "Most Annoying Format" by Hem and Haw Audio Magazine, AVRCRC poots forth these 3" terrors just in time for your next attic cleaning! Each tiny piece of plastic is housed in a construction paper cover and fancy plastic slip sleeve for easy storage!
The "box" in question is a hand made paper letter of your choice!

What about the music? Good question! Runs down like this:

Apartment Music-New Wave Dyke: The early years! A loose concept album about apartments! Country-tinged psych-pop/buffoonery for the cracker box set. Written, performed and recorded exclusively in apartments!

Necklaces-Do you remember when Nico house-sat for the Human League? No? Well this EP sounds like it. Two Casios, two hands and a voice. Minimal, lo-fi synth. A proud voice emerges through the blown tones. Shimmering.

Melissa Lonely
-Quarantine Dream-A concept album of Forlorn drone landscapes. John Carpenter doom tones. Swamped in reverb. Ghostly whispers mingle with unidentified rumble. Field recordings of the lost.

Dan Hole Pond-Live 2008-This is the sound of old thrift store LPs breathing, Casio heart beats, crackles, machine burp and a human making it all happen. Layer upon layer of samples manipulated on the spot by one Rob Peterson, captured and displayed here for you to experience. Meditation station.

Yarrow Vizaro
-Morbific Sky-Fried electronics. NASA tossing a drum machine down the stairs. Beep frizzle from Tejas. Stoned thump and swazzle. A true delay raider day trader. Reminds me of early Mouse on Mars in parts.

$6 FOR THE "BOX SET" (5 3" CD-Rs in a paper "box" shaped like your favorite letter!)




Sunday, February 27, 2011

FACTORIES-It's A Mummy!!

AVRCRC 0019 FACTORIES "It's A Mummy!" C20 Blame it on too many episodes of "Shazam!" The "Lost" second album is here! Amps turned way, way up and pointed directly at your crotch. Blown out New Wave filtered through an encyclopedia. Kinda like Jonathan Richman fronting "Akuma No Uta"-era BORIS?

Listen to the hit single "Topless Bicyclist"

$5! Buy it here


TRIPPIN' BALLS-Cassette-AVRCRC 0016-12 tracks in 5.4 minutes, phased out everything, organs, tambourines, throat shredding vocals. Guest vocals by Adam from DEN! Sounds like the Meat Puppets covering Crossed Out?


The Wrap "Tape" C20

AVRCRC0018: THE WRAP "TAPE"C20-Kalamazoo, Michigan's best kept secret. Stuttering, cracked out beats mince with all full deli-tray of synth squiggle/Nintendo beep retardedness. On top of all this sits a MC clearly up to his eyeballs in chemical refreshments. Coming correctly caffeinated, lyrically and spiritually unmatched. Jism to the Rhythm, indeed. "For A Porkchop" is the summer jam 2kforever. (shirtless, even.) $5.00PPD!  


Listen to the hit single "Fuk Mak Donaltz"


Hubcap City/Melissa Lonely Split cassette AVRCRC 0011-

Uneasy listening at it's finest!

Atlanta's Hubcap City retreat to the basement once again to create this rusted out, post-apocalyptic, predominately instrumental, folk soundtrack. Amidst the usual sparse arsenal of guitars, bass drum, trumpet and singing saw, you'll hear organ groan, pinball machine clatter and found metal klang. The creamy vocal center of the cassette really ties the whole room together.

Listen to the hit single "Suicide Lounge"

Melissa Lonely delivers 13 tracks of hazy, slow motion sounds using only ukulele and voice. Awash in echo and hiss, these songs have stayed up all night only to reveal themselves at that point when eyelids are half open and nothing seems to make sense anymore. Perfect for long drives.

Listen to the hit single "You Gave Me Glue"

Pro dubbed/printed tapes housed in boxes made from recycled, hand screened album covers. No two are alike!

$7 PPD!