Monday, March 12, 2012


More from the vaults! Pre-FACTORIES jams this time.  Ian was informed of a imaginary soundtrack to an imaginary movie (Titled "The Nasty Heads") Matt and his cousin made when they were 11. The duo decided to re-create that soundtrack with nothing but a few Casio keyboards, bass, guitars, an ancient drum machine and tiny amps! After a few weekends they surfaced with an off the cuff, low budget Rock Opera of revved up Casio punk!  A preview of distorto-New Wave to come a few years later via FACTORIES? Probably.

Anyway, here's the "libretto":
"A team of scientists are persecuted for creating an epidemic of uncontrollable hair growth and good ol' fashioned "Space madness". While the world falls into hairy peril, a huckster tries to sell the remaining humans a Positron Accelerator, a benefit rock concert loses it's focus, conspiracy abounds and someone gets something stuck in their eye. In the end the scientists stumble upon a cure for the hairy uprising in the form of urine. With enemies vanquished, new wave music triumphantly blares into the sky as the credits roll... "

Have a listen!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Solid Gold Dust

Posted some New Wave Dyke odds'n sods from the cassette vault! More to come.

Check 'em out here!