Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hubcap City/Melissa Lonely Split cassette AVRCRC 0011-

Uneasy listening at it's finest!

Atlanta's Hubcap City retreat to the basement once again to create this rusted out, post-apocalyptic, predominately instrumental, folk soundtrack. Amidst the usual sparse arsenal of guitars, bass drum, trumpet and singing saw, you'll hear organ groan, pinball machine clatter and found metal klang. The creamy vocal center of the cassette really ties the whole room together.

Listen to the hit single "Suicide Lounge"

Melissa Lonely delivers 13 tracks of hazy, slow motion sounds using only ukulele and voice. Awash in echo and hiss, these songs have stayed up all night only to reveal themselves at that point when eyelids are half open and nothing seems to make sense anymore. Perfect for long drives.

Listen to the hit single "You Gave Me Glue"

Pro dubbed/printed tapes housed in boxes made from recycled, hand screened album covers. No two are alike!

$7 PPD!

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