Sunday, May 19, 2013

PUKE SKYWALKER "Poison Coma" C32/Download OUT NOW!!!!

AVRCRC0030-Puke Skywalker "Poison Coma" C32 A finely stewed pop song is diced and mashed into a fine paste and spread on a sandwich you can't possibly eat the entirety of. Low-bit head wound dance-floor hits that will stick to the roof of your mouth for weeks. "Wouldn't Wanna" is the summertime narco-jam of 2K13. One of my favorite new AVRCRC releases!

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AVRCRC0028: ALKOR/NEBRASKA split C32/Download OUT NOW!!!!

AVRCRC0028-Alkor/Nebraska, USA split C32-This marks the first release in which someone asked ME to put out their tape! Hot damn!

Alkor is a true blue bedroom pop outfit, it's got a definite later HALF JAPANESE/LOU REED vibe happening-slightly fuzzed out summer jams with a dab of clarinet/drum machine action tossed in for good measure.

Nebraska, USA is a full-on AOL welcome screen laptop blazer-Chill thumps and sea breeze tones flutter along; perfect for late night drives. Drones, clicks and clacks are the mode of the day.

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