Wednesday, December 14, 2011

AVRCRC0014-FACTORIES "Tumbrel Action" C30

FACTORIES first album "Tumbrel Action" is back! A little poppier, New Waveier, even slightly a little Motorheadier than "It's A Mummy!" Features handclaps by my dad. Handsomely repackaged and smartly remastered by AVRCRC head honcho (and former Factories drummer) I. Piirtola!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

AVRCRC 0020 CEDRO DANADO-Muted Tables C72

M. Goethe-one of many splinter cells linked to the NEW WEIRD SOUTH-is sighted in this ambitious and delicious collection of Gothic Southern Noise. A former PONY BONES and BLACK BLACKS cohort, CEDRO DANADO takes it solo with violin scrape, mild harp abuse, vocal drone, amp fog and sadsack clunk. Guaranteed to take you down a peg or two.

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AVRCRC0019-FACTORIES-"It's A Mummy!"

AVRCRC0019-FACTORIES "It's A Mummy!" C30-Second release from this guitar/drums nerd duo. More distorto-heft and thud-grunt to this batch of D&D fueled bangers. Going through the dictionary word for word with amps pointed directly at your crotch, New Wave in the way Kurt thought "In Utero" was New Wave. Kind of like if "Akuma No Uta" era Boris trying to cover Gary Numan, fronted by Jonathan Richman? $5 PPD to ashtonvelvet 76 at hotmail dot com Listen!