Thursday, September 20, 2012

AVRCRC0029 The Dirty Soxx "Formerly Known As The Ham-Fisted Barber" DIGITAL RELEASE!!!!

Yup, you don't have enough spazz-mo improv freak outs in your life. Breaks down like this:

Thrown together by sheer fate in an Otsego, Michigan rumpus room, brother (Scott, Drums-18 at the time) and sister (Kelsey-Vocals, 10 years old at the time!) are aided by AVRCRC Head honcho Ian D. Piirtola for a frenzied pixie stix-snorting freakout, blaring loud'n proud!

The concept was simple: whatever words popped into Kelsey's head, a song was written around it on the spot! Bass was later overdubbed (all in one take to preserve improvitablity!) The result is a delightful squawk and splang bash-fest with a healthy dollop of hooks!

HEAR Brother and sister argue MID-SONG!

HEAR Kelsey expertly recite a report on Babe Ruth over a half remembered stab at Survivor's "Eye Of the Tiger"!

HEAR Pure 10 year old rage at the world: Skittles suck!, Arthur sucks! YOU SUCK.

HEAR frenzied drumming dash around cheap guitar mangle 'em, strangle 'ems! Bass appropriately rumbles and grumbles beneath vocals not always pointed at the mic, due to constant live-action tantrums not heard since Barney quit!


released 20 September 2012 Kelsey Stephenson-Vocals, Lyrics Scott Stephenson-Drums, Vocals Ian Piirtola-Guitar, Bass Overdubs, Occasional Squawk

Recorded in fall of 2002 by I. Piirtola on a Tascam 414 mk II

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