Monday, March 12, 2012


More from the vaults! Pre-FACTORIES jams this time.  Ian was informed of a imaginary soundtrack to an imaginary movie (Titled "The Nasty Heads") Matt and his cousin made when they were 11. The duo decided to re-create that soundtrack with nothing but a few Casio keyboards, bass, guitars, an ancient drum machine and tiny amps! After a few weekends they surfaced with an off the cuff, low budget Rock Opera of revved up Casio punk!  A preview of distorto-New Wave to come a few years later via FACTORIES? Probably.

Anyway, here's the "libretto":
"A team of scientists are persecuted for creating an epidemic of uncontrollable hair growth and good ol' fashioned "Space madness". While the world falls into hairy peril, a huckster tries to sell the remaining humans a Positron Accelerator, a benefit rock concert loses it's focus, conspiracy abounds and someone gets something stuck in their eye. In the end the scientists stumble upon a cure for the hairy uprising in the form of urine. With enemies vanquished, new wave music triumphantly blares into the sky as the credits roll... "

Have a listen!


  1. Some good sounds here, but for something like this--archive material that comes in at about 12 minutes total--is there really a need to slap a price label on it? If you don't think it's worth a physical release, why do you think people would pay for it digitally? Yeah it's only two bucks, but come on man. I download stuff like this that's longer and variably better quality all the time; it's not like merzbow's first ever tape where, yeah, somebody's going to hock it for major bucks, this is a footnote of a lager band's history. Give it away for free to introduce people to your music! This wouldn't be something I'd pay for. Hell, the Tower of Heaven OST was only a buck and it was slightly shorter, but that was something of a main feature, something that demanded a lot more effort; not saying this one is lazy, but consider it's origins and the relatively small target audience: if you could name ten people right off the bat who are both Facotries fans and fans of this archive material and want it enough to pay money for something that'll be over with in a matter of minutes upon first listen, I'd be surprised.

  2. A) The entire album up and available to listen to-for free. I'm not tricking anyone into buying this. If they really need to hear "Pee Pee Testing Ground" on their iPod so bad they'll pay for it, I'm very flattered and grateful. That $2 goes towards buying more labels, ink, x-acto blades and tapes.

    B) I spent some time cleaning, editing, and remixing these tapes as well as designing a "cover" for this release. On top of that, as one of the people who performed and wrote these songs, I'm quite proud of them; it's worth $2. If you REALLY don't want to pay the $2, leave the tab open, play it to your heart's content, I love it when the little Bandcamp graph goes up. Hell, tape it, I don't care.

    It all boils down to support: if you believe in someone's art or whatever, kicking them a few bucks so they can make more shouldn't depend on length. "Quality" is in the eye of the beholder, just ask Merzbow. It's not like I'm begging for it. This is a two tape deck, one printer, box of tapes label. It ain't Casablanca.